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The public outreach and awareness sector favors knowledge building and understanding of the North-South realities by collaborating with or coordinating various awareness events.

Education and awareness of international solidarity is a key element in the chain of international development. It allows a better understanding of global issues and also an awareness of the interdependence of all nations.

Hence, NAVTI Foundation Canada believes that public awareness helps to build a better society by encouraging the emergence of behavior and attitudes that enable the establishment of a more just, fair and solidary international order.

International development week (IDW)

International Development Week (IDW), funded by the Canadian government through the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Commerce and Development (DFATD), is an opportunity to highlight the work of the international development agencies in Canada and show how, together, we can contribute to improve the living conditions of communities around the world.

During this event, NAVTI Foundation Canada is involved in several activities including Le Carrefour de la coopération which is coordinated by the Student Association for International Development and Humanitarian Action (AEDIAH) of Laval University.

The Quebec Fair Trade Month (QFTM)

The Quebec Fairtrade Month aims to inform, sensitize and mobilize the population of la Capitale-Nationale to Fair Trade as an
alternative mode of consumption allowing to promote equity between South producers and North consumers. In addition, the Quebec Fair Trade month encourages responsible consumption and the purchase of Fair Trade products by presenting the advantages enjoyed by both the Southern producers and Northern consumers.

Several public outreach activities on Fair Trade are organized from May 1st to 31st of each year.

To consult this year program, please see the Fair Trade Month website: www.commerceequitableqc.org

The market of flavours and discoveries

The Market of flavours and discoveries is happening during the first week of May, each year. It is a public market that reunites both the producers of the region of la Capitale-Nationale as well as retailers and traders of fair trade products.

The activity aims to raise awareness of responsible consumption by putting forward the links between fair trade and local consumption and the values of sustainable development.

Through this opportunity for meetings, the public will discover a wide variety of fair trade and responsible products available in their region. Exhibitors also have the opportunity to come forward and also to showcase their products.

The Quebec, fair trade town initiative

The Quebec, fair trade town initiative wishes that la Capitale-Nationale receives, over the next few years, the fair trade town designation rewarded by Fairtrade Canada. This initiative also involves the ownership of fair trade values through the “promotion” of the “Quebec Fair Trade Town” movement by the community of la Capitale-Nationale and its actors.

Hence, it is through the creation of a real shared fair trade community movement and promoted by many players; by increasing the knowledge of the issues of fair trade and responsible consumption; by increasing the number of activities related to fair trade and responsible consumption; by the increase in fair offer (commercial and educational); and by increasing the number of actors in the Capital in the field of fair trade and responsible consumption that the committee wishes to realize this initiative.

This project is made possible through the financial support of the Department of International Relations and la Francophonie (MRIF) through the Fund for education and public engagement in international solidarity (FEEPSI). This fund is delegated to the Quebec Association of International Cooperation Organizations (AQOCI).


Launched in September 2010 at la baie de Beauport as a pilot project of “Teranga-Little Africa”, the event “MondoKarnaval” is a socio-cultural initiative. It is part of the logic of the get together between cultures. The festival is a cultural and social education for the younger generations about the opening to others and by its global vision of the multiple facets of the 5 continents, also wants a new equation that will further contribute to the opening of the city Quebec on the world. NAVTI Foundation Canada is involved every year in this event through a kiosk. NAVTI Foundation Canada has supported the initiative and the emergence of this new Quebec summer carnival.

International solidarity Quebec Days (ISQD)

Each fall since 1996, the Quebec Association of International Cooperation Organizations (AQOCI) organizes the International Solidarity Quebec Days with the support of the Quebec Ministry of International Relations and la Francophonie. During this annual event, the public is invited to participate in many activities that allow it to learn about the current issues of international solidarity.

In Quebec City, it is le Carrefour d’éducation à la solidarité internationale-Quebec (CESIQ) which insure the program and that is coordinating the event in collaboration with other international cooperation and solidarity organizations of the Quebec City region.

NAVTI Foundation Canada is participating in this program by organising it’s Back from The South Night. NAVTI Foundation Canada is also participating to the North-South Day organised by the CESIQ.

Back from the South Nights

Each year, during the Québec Days of International Solidarity, NAVTI Foundation Canada organizes its famous Back from the south Night in which, interns that have returned from the South have the opportunity to present their realization and their cultural experiences that happened during their internship at the offices of our southern partner.

Fair Trade breakfast at work

A motivated squad moves in the lobby of the building your business with all the equipment necessary to the distribution of a fair trade breakfast : Coffee, tea, muffins and banana will be delivered to your employees upon their arrival at work.

A Social investment of 5 $ per employees

We encourage regrouping of businesses that have fewer than 50 employees.

To book our service of fair trade breakfast at work, do not hesitate to contact us by email: [email protected]

International internship preparedness workshops

NAVTI Foundation Canada provides preparedness workshops for the interns between 18 and 35 who wish not only travel abroad and do not have access to such a program, but also to young people who want an introduction to the issues and challenges of cooperation and international solidarity.

For 400$, NAVTI Foundation Canada offers these classes to groups of 12 people or more over a period of 93 hours (four weekends).

The training covers several broad themes such, networking, fundraising, health, security, group life, ethics, technical preparation for departure, culture shock, etc. Other specific topics such as results-based management, unions and international solidarity, fair trade and the solidarity of international cooperation are also available.

To register for our international internhip preparedness workshops, please contact us by email: [email protected]

For more information about public outreach and awareness activities, contact our team of education and communication by email [email protected]
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