NAVTI Foundation Canada is involved in the fair trade sector since 2010 and on several levels, in the South and in the North.

NAVTI Foundation Canada’s Fair Trade involvement in the South

The cooperative of small coffee producers of Mbiim : 150 members

With the help of its partner, NAVTI Foundation Cameroon, NAVTI Foundation Canada has contributed to the creation and organization of the cooperative in the village of Mbiim located in a very isolated rural area of northwestern Cameroon. Interns of NAVTI Foundation Canada have provided ongoing technical support to the cooperative so that it can meet the fair trade standards. Awareness activities on Fair Trade and organic farming have also been organized in order that the producers of the cooperative have a good understanding of international issues behind fair trade.

The challenges for NAVTI Foundation Canada are to find partners in the North to implement the fair trade sector in both the North and the South, to ensure the financing of its South partners certification as well as to organize import and export activities that are involved in such a project. Ultimately breaking through the Western markets remains the biggest challenge that the organization will face for its fair trade certification initiatives.

Internship mandate as a Fair Trade Advisor

You are looking for an opportunity of involvement in the field with coffee producers? Check out NAVTI Foundation Canada ‘s mandate:

√ Fair Trade Advisor ;

The Fair Trade Advisor supports local coffee cooperatives in terms of organizational and environmental management. It also provides support to the cooperatives in obtaining their fair certification.

To apply, please send your cover letter along with your resume and registration form to the NFC international internships sector, to the email [email protected] on Friday, April 3 at 17:00. Please, specify two desired departure dates (Winter, summer or fall).


NAVTI Foundation Canada’s Fair Trade involvement in the North

NAVTI Foundation Canada is a member of the Association québécoise du commerce équitable (AQCE)

For several years, many companies and organizations in Quebec are aiming to promote and develop Fair trade in the province of Quebec .. Whether through advocacy or sale of products, a lot of investment and energy are made to defend the way of Fair Trade towards the Southern communities involved in this sector.

This is why players from across Quebec have come together and decided to create an autonomous association to be a strong and indispensable voice on the Quebec scene.

The Association québécoise du commerce équitable is the leader for fair trade in Quebec. It’s mission is to support members who join and implement the Fair Trade principles and values. This support is taking the form of education, promotion, consultation and mobilization.

Our director hass been serving on the association board of directors for four years now.

For more information on AQCE

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Facebook: .com / AssociationQuébécoiseCommerceEquitable

Twitter: .com / AssoQcEquitable


NAVTI Foundation Canada is leading the Quebec Fair Trade Month

The Quebec Fair Trade Month is an event that has a mission to inform, educate and mobilize the population of Quebec to Fair Trade as an alternative mode of consumption to promote equity in trade between Southern producers and Northern consumers, in addition to encourage responsible consumption and buying products from fair trade by presenting the advantages enjoyed by both the Southern producers and consumers in the North.

This event therefore wishes to support small producers in the South beyond our borders posing a gesture of international solidarity accessible to all.

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NAVTI Foundation Canada is leading the Quebec, Fair Trade Town initiative

Quebec, Fair Trade town whishes for Quebec city to receive, over the next few years, the fair trade town designation awarded by Fairtrade Canada. This initiative is aiming that the community and the actors of Quebec appropriate themselves the fair trade values through the “promotion” of the movement of “Quebec Fair Trade Town”.

It is through the creation of a real Fair Trade community movement shared and promoted by many actors; by increasing the knowledge of the issues of fair trade and responsible consumption; by increasing the number of activities related to fair trade and responsible consumption; by the increase in fair trade offer (commercial and educational); and by increasing the number of actors in the Capital in the field of fair trade and responsible consumption that the committee will realize this initiative.

This initiative is made possible through the financial support of the Ministère des relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) through the Fonds d’éducation et d’engagement du public pour la solidarité internationale (FEEPSI). This fund is delegated to the Association québécoise des organismes de coopératon internationale (AQOCI).

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