Improvement of access to drinkable water in Mbiim, Northwest region of Cameroon

The project aims to develop an easy access to drinkable water for farming families of the village of Mbiim because it is not accessible to all. In addition, the water supply system in place is incomplete. This results in hygienic conditions are unsatisfactory and are increasing in cases of otherwise preventable diseases.

The project aims to:

√ The lengthening of part of the water system built by the population in 1998;
√ The Increase of drinkable water available to the population for personal and agricultural purposes;
√ The increase in agricultural production and income;

Details of the initiative

You may view the details of the project by downloading this document:

Improvement of access to drinkable water for the Mbiim community in the Northwest province of Cameroon

NAVTI Foundation Canada wishes to thank especially Sophie Brière, responsible for the International Project Management class of the Master of International Development Management and Humanitarian Action of the Laval University and her group of students; Nancy DUPONT Evelyne Morin, Idrissa NGOM and Charles Omer Nguiagain-Launière that participated to the development of this initiative.

Financial partners of this initiative

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