Improvement of gender equality and women financial autonomy in Mboh-Nso, Northwest region of Cameroon

The cooperative project for the women of Mboh-Nso will firstly, identify the problems of gender equality and secondly, set up various promotional platforms for the positive development of women in the North-West region of Cameroon.

A pilot project on equality of women and men which aims to:

√ To support the women’s group of Mboh-Nso to establish a cooperative;
√ To develop income-generating activities that allow members of the cooperative to become financially independent.
√ To develop and deliver workshops on the themes of equality of women and men, HIV-AIDS and literacy;

Details of the initiative

You may view the details of the initiative by downloading this document:

Improvement of gender equality for the Mboh-Nso women in the Northwest region of Cameroon

NAVTI Foundation Canada wishes to thank especially Sophie Brière, responsible for the International Project Management clases of the Master in International Development Management and Humanitarian Action of the Laval University and her group of students; Manuela Count, Gabrielle Billy Brown, Camellia Dion Xavier Wetz and Stephen Pelsy that have participated to the development of this initiative.

Financial partners of this initiative

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