Because today we are in an era where sustainable development must take its place, NAVTI Foundation Canada is committed to respect and promote this concept through its activities with its Action Plan, its code of ethics and its sustainable development policy. The latter describes the main guidelines that the organization put in place and the commitments that it will meet in order to ensure consistency between the values and the actions of NAVTI Foundation Canada.

NAVTI Foundation Canada wants to use the social dimension as a goal, the economic dimension as a mean and the respect of the environment as a condition in the realization of its projects and actions.

For example, NAVTI Foundation Canada is committed to coordinate eco-responsible events through their own preparation guide and monitoring of existing standards.

NAVTI Foundation Canada achieves some of its projects in collaboration with partners such Héma-Québec and Consignaction.

Sustainable development policy

Because we never say it enough, NAVTI Foundation Canada, its also four main orientations :


Cooperation and sustainable economic development

√ To promote the economic development of partner countries through a participatory and cross-sectoral approach;
√ To respect principles, laws and regulations of partner countries;
√ Provide responsible financing of the organization’s activities and projects;
√ Adopt eco-accounting principles;
√ Compensate in a economical way the gas emissions issued from the transport of members

Behavior and responsible consumption

√ Apply the 4 Rs principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink ;
√ Ensure Sustainable management of water and energy resources ;
√ Promote the use of electronic means of communication ;
√ Organize the internal and external environment responsibly ;
√ Minimize the impact of our consumption by opting for a maximum of fair trade, local, recycled and reused products ;
√ Take into Account the environmental impacts in different phases of a project ;
√ Promote Projects that integrate all dimensions of sustainable development ;
√ Render reference tools available to members : life cycle of products, the guide for organizing ecoresponsible events ;

Ethics and improvements of human rights

√ Ban all forms of discrimination and promote cultural diversity ;
√ To assume our responsibility as partner of the North towards partners of the South by understanding global impacts of our consumption ;
√ Ensure a healthy work environment ;
√ Aim to a mental and physical health of the employee (s) ;
√ To Promote accessibility to the information on the organization ;
√ To Promote the smooth development of relations ;
√ Ensure Good governance ;
√ To involve oneself In the development of local social environment and with partner countries by raising awareness, organizing and participating to events ;

Public outreach and awareness

√ Promote the dissemination of information and knowledge and encourage mobilization and networking in relation to sustainable development ;
√ Raise public awareness to sustainable development ;
√ Raise awareness among partner countries to consider environmental criteria in project implementation ;

For more information on the sustainable development sector, please email us to [email protected]


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