planeInternational internships and sustainable tourism

The International internships and sustainable development sector allows 12 youth between the ages of 21 and 35 to annually gain experiences of international cooperation and solidarity in various fields such as HIV/AIDS prevention, human rights education, gender equality, sustainable tourism and fair trade.

To become an intern

Who can apply : All youths between the ages of 21 to 35

How long does it last : Once the applicant is approved by the recruitement committee,a mandatory internship preparation trainging lasting 4 weekends is given by NAVTI Foundation Canada. The internship itself will last a minimum of 8 weeks in the field. All intern must also elaborate a public awareness activity upon their return.

Internships offered : We are offering group with individual mandates internships. Interns are supervised by a local member of NAVTI Foundation Cameroon. They are housed in the facilities of the foundation within the local community of Kumbo.

Advisor to the sustainable tourism programThe advisor to the sustainable tourism program supports NAVTI Foundation Canada ’s south partners in elaborating a sustainable tourism program in Cameroon ;

Project manager to HIV/AIDS prevention and health care: The project manager to HIV-AIDS prevention and health care is responsible for elaborating awareness workshops nearby different target audiences (families, schools, women groups, disable individual, etc.) ; 

Projet manager to the teaching of human rights : the project manager to the teaching of human rights is responsable for elaborating awareness workshops nearby different target audiences (families, schools, women groups, disable individual, etc.) aiming
to inform the local community on different issues linked to human rights in Cameroon ;

Advisor to the fair trade program : The advisor to the Fair Trade program supports the local cooperatives partner with NAVTI Foundation Canada lending them a hand attaining their objectives to receive the Fair Trade certification for their products ;

Advisor to gender equality : The advisor to gender equality is providing support to the local women’s cooperatives in terms of organizational management and development of income generating activities ;

Please send your cover letter along with your resume and registration Form to the NFC international internships sector, to the email address [email protected] no later than Monday, August 31 at 17:00. Please, specify your two desired departure dates (Winter, Summer or Fall 2016).

Agreements and alliances

√ Baccalauréat intégré en études internationales et langues modernes

√ Maitrise en Communications publiques (Janet Dufour)

√ Bureau international de l’Université Laval (Bourse Stages Hors-Québec)

√ Agence de Voyage Laurier Du Vallon

√ Agence de Voyage CAA

Follow the footseps of our interns

Follow the footsteps of our earlier cohorts

Coaching and workshops

Your participation to the international internships setor requires a mandatory preparedness training that is lasting over 90 hours and is taking place over four weekends. These workshops are held over the last two weekends of August and during the first two weekends of September.

General workshops

√ Knowledge of NFC program and its actors (eg, the MRIF, AQOCI, the CIQ, the Southern partner..etc.);

√ The issues of development and international solidarity (eg, history of development cooperation, globalization, the debt of developing countries, gender and development, knowledge of Quebec and Canada, etc…);

√ Intercultural context (eg, communication, culture shock, male / female ratio..);

√ Group life (eg, knowledge of self, group dynamics, conflict management, code of ethics..);

√ Health (eg, preventive health, first aid classes, health kit..);

√ Security (including insurance, signing contracts, emergency measures, etc.);

√ Knowledge of the host environment and the project (eg, country, community, South partner, the field project and the FCC, the conditions of residence, etc…);

√ Technical aspects (eg, fundraising, passports, visas, medical records, extended stay..);

√ Public outreah and awareness;

√ Review of the internship experience upon the return;

√ Language Training (if required);


Professional and specific vocational workshops

√ Human rights in Cameroon;

√ Environment and Sustainable Development;

√ Fair Trade;

√ Results Based Management (RBM);

√ Project Writing Workshop;

√ Social Economy in South and North;

√ The unions, solidarity and international cooperation;


Orientation at your arrival in the field at the South Partner Offices

√ Presentation of the organization;

√ Presentation of intern activities (mandates);

√ Presentation formats of weekly reports of activities;

√ Presentation of the Mayor of Kumbo;

√ Presentation of Fon “king” of Kumbo;

√ Presentation of Senior divisionnal officer;

Return on safety workshop

√ Visit to the Canadian Consulate in Douala, Cameroon;

√ Visit to Kumbo police office for registration of trainees;

√ Visit Kumbo and important sites that need to know the trainees;

√ Visit Kumbo tourism office;

√ Review of the Student Code of Ethics;

√ Review of the crisis management plan and emergency situations 2014;

√ Review security policies and NFC field emergency plan;

Return on health

√ Visit Shisong and BBH hospitals;

√ Meeting with hospital administrators and Dr district officer;

Return on cultural exchange and relaxation activities possible

√ Back on the cultural shock and cultural diversity of Kumbo;

√ Explanations of the different cultural activities that the interns can take part of;

Internship Exchange Outside Quebec scholarship

A partnership between NAVTI Foundation Canada and the International Bureau of Laval University allows you to apply for the internship exchange outside of Quebec bursary. This scholarship gives you a boost to achieving your internship of international cooperation.

Ready for the challenge ? Send us a motivation letter and your curriculum vitae with the completed inscription form to the international internship sector available on our website in the international internships section. For any other questions, please write us an email at [email protected]

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