NAVTI Foundation Canada’s history


Started on January 2008, the organization receive its official registration from le Registraire des entreprises du Québec on February 26th 2009. It is also recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable organization on Marsh 22nd 2010.

In September 2014, the organization receives the Fairtrade price of excellence in public outreach in Toronto for its implication in the Fair Trade Month and Fair Trade Town initiatives

The origin of the name

The organization’s name is coming from a very involved individual in her local community of Kumbo located in the Bui region in the North-West of Cameroon. She was called Madam Bridget NAVTI.

After her death in 2004, the NAVTI Family launched a foundation in her name to keep on her work as the main core of the mission.


The idea of NAVTI Foundation Canada was born of a request from the president of NAVTI Foundation Cameroon to Mathieu Papillon-Darveau, to continue the support of few international cooperation initiatives. Mathieu was an intern from July to December 2007.

Upon his return to Canada, Mathieu Papillon-Darveau, along with two other co-founders, launched the non-profit organization of international cooperation and established its mandate. The name NAVTI Foundation was kept to illustrate the partnership between both North and South organizations.


NAVTI Foundation Canada’s co-founders we able to write the business plan with all the administrative details necessary for the creation of a non-profit organization, thanks to the startup organization Entrepreneuriat Laval. NAVTI Foundation Canada has also participated to the Concours Québécois en entrepreneuriat with the help of Entrepreneuriat Laval.


The operations of NAVTI Foundation Canada officialy began in 2010. In fact, it is during the summer that the organization is sending its first four interns to its south partner, NAVTI Foundation Cameron. The organization is also involved in its first public outreach events such as La Journée des organisation, planned by Managers Without Borders and the North-South Day planned by Carrefour Tiers-Monde. For the occasion of Les jounées québécoises de la solidarité internationale (JQSI), the first Return from the south evening is organized at Le Café Nagua, where our interns back from Cameroon told the stories of their experience in the field.


In 2011, the organization is experiencing a comfortable financial development and is continuing its international internships sector by sending 7 interns in the field. The organization is increasingly known from the international cooperation sector and is gaining recognition. The organization also takes this opportunity to polish its governance and its internal management. Its board of trusties grows from five to nine members. A new website is also put online thanks to a generous sponsorship from a Quebec communications company.


In 2012, the organization is experiencing an explosion in term of finance, and in term of notoriety. In fact, the organization is accepted as a member of L’AQOCI and as a member of L’Association québécoise du commerce équitable (AQCE). NAVTI Foundation Canada is coordinating with Carrefour Tiers-Monde and l’auberge l’Autre Jardin, the 2012 edition of the Quebec, Fair Trade Forthnight. The board of trusties is contracting its director thanks to a partnership with Emploi-Québec. In addition, management committees are created by the board of trusties to improve the good governance of the four activity sector of the organization. Those committees are bringing a new energy between the members of the organization. NAVTI Foundation Canada‘s first international cooperation initiative, entitled improvement of HIV/AIDS and health care prevention in Ngambé-Tikar, is approved by La Fondation internationale Roncalli. The organization is also realizing its 17th international internship. The organisation becomes more and more known by the international cooperation sector and is involved in many public outreach events such as Career Day in the humanities and social sciences, the Career Day of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FSA) of the Laval University. The organization also maintains its involvement at the Carrefour de la coopération, Les journées québécoises de la solidarité internationale and La journée Nord-Sud.


In 2013, the organization opens its first offices located in Limoilou at the following address 110, 10e rue, bureau 03. The organization is recognized as a regular member of L’AQOCI. Its director is also elected on the board of trusties of L’association québécoise du commerce équitable (AQCE). NAVTI Foundation Canada welcomes its first two interns at its Quebec office. They have the mandates to develop a sustainable development policy and a communication plan. The organization is becoming more involved in the community of international cooperation organizations of Quebec city and is participating to several new public outreach events. A partnership with Équidurable, a fair trade organization selling products such as coffee, tea, chocolate, etc. is signed.


In 2014, NAVTI Foundation Canada celebrates its five years. Several events are organized throught the year to mark this crucial step in the life of the organization. NAVTI Foundation Canada is pleased to hire a second employee in charge of the international internships sector, ensuring the sustainability of this sector’s initiatives in Cameroon and futhermore, a follow up of interns before, during and after their experience the field. A special thanks to Emploi-Québec for the creation of this second position within the organization. After its first experience of receiving interns at the head office in 2013, the organization renewed this experience by developing new local internship mandates such as project manager to public outreach and communications, project manager to environment and sustainable development and project manager for international cooperation. This new internships position will definitly bring a much needed support to the day to day operations. In March, our director and a member of our board of trusties conducted a first two-week mission in Cameroon for the development of a new initiative entitled Improvement of food consumption through the building of a community poultry farm. 2014 also marks the 10th edition of the Quebec Fair Trade Fortnight in which Fairtrade Canada is a major parter. In fact, Marika Escavarage, employee of Fairtrade Canada was present for three days of the event. NAVTI Foundation Canada received an approval of the Fonds d’éducation et d’engagement du public à la solidarité internationale (FEEPSI) for our Quebec, Fair Trade Town initiative. In September, our director received the Canadian price of Fairtrade excellence in public outreach and awareness in Toronto during a gala planned by Fairtrade Canada. In November, we are visited by Jean-Louis Bimela Shudzeka, president of NAVTI Foundation Cameroon. Finally, for the occasion of the Social economy Month, our director was part of the delegation of the first professional meetings in social economy in Paris Île-de-France funded by L’OFQJ / L’OJIQ / Le chantier de l’économie sociale and L’Atelier.


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