Improvement of health care and HIV/AIDS prevention in Ngambe-Tikar, Center region of Cameroon

The project promotes access to basic health care for the community of Ngambe-Tikar with an awareness program on HIV-AIDS

The project aims to:
√ The construction of a health center that will help promote access to basic care for people formerly excluded from the health system;
√ Improving the awareness of the populations Ngambe-Tikar HIV / AIDS.

These are essential to slow down the spread of disease, ensure longevity and economic development of the region.

Details of the initiative

You may view the details of the initiative by downloading this document:

Improvement of the health of the population of Ngambé-Tikar in the center province of Cameroon

NAVTI Foundation Canada thanks especially Sophie Brière, who is responsible for the International Project Management class of the Master in International Development Management and Humanitarian Action of the Laval University and her group of students; Gaelle BEGO Fogué Marie Christelle MABEU, YANGAMEN, Lisanne CARON, Mamoudou DIANE and Jacques Lemelin that worked on the development of this initiative.

Visit the Ngambe-Tikar Health Center

Visit the Ngambe-Tikar Health Center with John Kanjoh, Director of NAVTI Foundation Cameroon by watching this video

To watch more videos of this region join our Youtube account

Our interns evaluation of the initiative that visited Ngambe-Tikar

It is possible to read the comments of our interns that visited the project site before and during:

Autumn 2011

Autumn 2012


Financial partners of this initiative


Thanks to the Fondation internationale Roncalli for its contribution to this initiative

Logo_Korrigane La Coopérante


Thanks to la Korrigane for its participation to this initiative through La Coopérante

NAVTI Foundation Canada and Collaboration santé internationale are sending drugs in Cameroon

As part of this initiative, NAVTI Foundation Canada has sent medicines in Cameroon through its southern partner NAVTI Foundation Cameroon thanks to Collaboration santé internationale’s help. These drugs have reached their destination on December 22 at the Ngambé-Tikar health center which NAVTI Canada Foundation supported the construction with NAVTI Cameroon Foundation through the financial support of the Roncalli International Foundation. They will be used to help the rural population of this area in the central region.

Photo: Visit of the President of NAVTI Foundation Cameroon at the Collaboration santé internationale offices in November 2014. Also present in the picture, Pierrette Defoy-Dolbec, CEO CSI and Mathieu Papillon-Darveau, CEO, NAVTI Foundation Canada.


Photo: Director of NAVTI Foundation Cameroon welcoming the arrival of the drugs


How to get involved in this initiative?

As part of this initiative, NAVTI Foundation Canada is currently seeking donations of 50$ which will support the purchase of additional drugs to send to the Ngambe-Tikar Health Centre.

To do this, simply click the link donate for this initiative. Once in the Canadon page, select the international cooperation funds by specifying the initiative’s title Improvement of health care and HIV/AIDS prevention in Ngambe-Tikar, Center region of Cameroon.

We are thanking you in advance for your support

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