Improvement of food security through the implementation of a poultry farm in Kumbo, Northwest region of Cameroon

The project aims to build a farm with a capacity of 10,000 poultry with two incubators of a capacity of 5 000 eggs each and a shelter for chicks. Specifically, the farm must allow the breeding and distribution of old chicks from one day to two weeks as well as inputs for fattening to over 300 farmers in the region. Once the chicks are received by the farmers, they can raise them for their own consumption or commercialization, which would improve their income and food security.

The project aims to:

√ The construction of a farm with a capacity of 10,000 poultry with two incubators with a capacity of 5000 eggs each and shelter chicks;

√ The food security improvement;

√ A contribution to reducing unemployment within the populations of Bui;

√ The creation of a poultry farmer cooperative with the primary objective of strengthening their agricultural capacities;

Details of the initiative

You may view the details of the initiative by downloading this document:

Improvement of food security through community poultry farming in Kumbo Northwest province of Cameroon

NAVTI Foundation Canada wishes thanks especially Sophie Brière, responsible for the International Project Management class of the Master in International Development Management and Humanitarian Action of the Laval University and her group of students; Heloise Dessanges, Bénédicte FOULQUIER, Laurence HOUSSOU, Desilhomme SATYR, Paulin Tsafack that participated to the development of this initiative.

Visit the initiative site

It is possible to visit the project site with the president of NAVTI Foundation Cameroon:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

The videos were made during the mission of Winter 2014

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