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Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI)

L’Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (l’AQOCI) created in 1976, brings together 68 organizations from 13 regions of Quebec who work, abroad and locally, for sustainable and human development.

AQOCI mission is to promote and support the work of its members and their initiatives for international solidarity. Building on the strength of its network, AQOCI work to eradicate the causes of poverty and to build a world based on principles of justice, inclusion, equality and respect for human rights.

The mandate of AQOCI is:

√ Support and promote the work of its members with government authorities, policy makers, media and the general public;
Influence decision makers and participate in the development of provincial and federal policies on international cooperation, development aid strategies and international relations;
√ Build the capacity of its members by providing information and strategic tools as well as regularly providing training;
√ Promote consultation and mobilization network by multiplying the opportunities for exchanges between Quebec NGOs, other civil society of Quebec and Southern partners;
√ Produce and publish memorandum, background analyzes and positions in relation to the Canadian and Quebec foreign policy as well as national and international news;
√ Raise awareness, educate and promote the commitment of the Quebec public in favor of international solidarity;

Web site : www.aqoci.qc.ca


Coopération internationale Québec (CIQ)

The consultation committee of exchange and sharing that is primarily CIQ is consistent with the orientations of the Quebec Association of International Cooperation Organizations (AQOCI, and several of the participating organizations to CIQ are also members also ), as:

Déclaration du Québec (2006)

Charte de principes pour un développement solidaire (1987)

Charte de principes sur les droits humains et le développement (1992)

These principles charters determine ethics and common direction. The main values promoted and defended in these charters are :

√ Promoting an autonomous, sustainable and human, and the fair sharing of resources; Support any initiative for self-determination, democratic participation and dignity of people;
√ The defense of fundamental human rights and social justice awareness and commitment of the Quebec public in favor of international solidarity;

This statement shows the development vision and priorities for action of the actors in civil society in Quebec for years to come.

Web Site : www.ciquebec.wordpress.com


Carrefour Tiers-Monde (CTM)

Mission : Education on cooperation and international solidarity in the region of Quebec.

This mission is based on the following principles:

1. Development is a process of transformation and reorientation of organizations, which is part of the history and unique culture of each people. This process should be based on the participation of grassroots communities and should focus primarily on the satisfaction of their basic needs.

2. Development underpins the need for a new international order based on fair relations and fair trade between nations in terms of economic, social, political and cultural relationship.

3. Development challenges are related to the use and the unequal distribution of the planet’s resources.

4. Development is only possible through solidarity, that is to say the creation of permanent and widespread ties between peoples, on the basis of equality, sharing, reciprocity and mutual respect. This solidarity excludes all forms of actions that have the effect of increasing the South’s dependence on the North and avoids giving the misery and suffering in sight.

5. Solidarity development in public education must pursue three (3) objectives, according to Carrefour Tiers-Monde:

√ Awareness of the ecological, social, economic, political and cultural affecting people in developing countries;
√  Learn about the human, cultural and material resources which human communities have for their respective development and support here, their initiatives in this area;
√ Encourage the development of attitudes and new solutions required by the inclusive development, by our action and our public interventions.

Site Internet : www.carrefour-tiers-monde.org

Carrefour Tiers-Monde

Association québécoise du commerce équitable (AQCE)

The Quebec Association of Fair Trade is the leading authority in fair trade in Quebec. Its mission is to support members who join and implement the Fair Trade principles and values. This support takes the form of education, promotion, consultation and mobilization.

For several years now, many businesses and organizations in Quebec are trying to promote and develop the Fairtrade Quebec. Whether through advocacy or sale of products, a lot of investment and energy are made to defend a way of fairer trade towards the South producing communities.

This is why players from across Quebec came together and decided to create an autonomous association to be a strong and indispensable voice on the Quebec scene.

Site Internet : www.assoquebecequitable.org


Fairtrade Canada (FTC)

In Canada, Fairtrade Canada manages the Fairtrade certification system. The organization grants licenses for use of the FAIRTRADE Mark to importers and wholesalers that distribute Fairtrade products. Fairtrade Canada also ensures that its licensees meet their commitments to producers and the standards set by FLO. Moreover, Fairtrade Canada promotes Fairtrade to retailers, consumers and the general public.

The structure and positioning of FLO and Fairtrade Canada enable them to meet the needs of producers, consumers and licensees, to ensure the integrity of the process and the promotion of Fairtrade certification principles.

Site Internet : www.fairtrade.ca


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